Breweries "Visited"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Escape from the week. And the mall if we're lucky...

Beer #6: Dortmunder Gold/ Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland OH
Spent too much time today following the progress of the perjury trial related to the PSU scandal.  I can't even begin to write about my thoughts on that - I'm furious about every single aspect of this mess.  FURIOUS.

You know who else is furious?  People doing their Christmas shopping at the King of Prussia Mall.  Stopped in over lunch today, and I swear people in the parking lot were on the verge of a knife fight over an empty space.  Trying to get out of there alive and back to work was like a scene from Escape from New York, except Snake Plissken at least got an awesome eye-patch and automatic weapons for his suicide mission.  People!  Relax and be nice to each other.  Two cranky old man posts in a row.... might be time for the weekend.

Kicked off Friday night by sampling Dortmunder Gold from Great Lakes, a nice golden lager.  Winner of a gold medal at the World Beer Championships, so they have that going for them, which is nice.  Good flavor, easy drinking.  Nice way to ease into a Friday night.  Other solid choices from Great Lakes include the Burning River IPA and the Edmund Fitzgerald porter.  I defy you to drink the porter and not sing the song by Gordon Lightfoot in your head.  The lake it is said never gives up her dead....

Thing to Think About Today:
Was thinking of some good restaurant recommendations to share, but there's NO way I can talk about Cleveland without also promoting their sensationally awesome tourism videos.  Fun Times in Cleveland Today and Fun Times In Cleveland Again.  If you haven't seen these, now's your time to shine.  Side Cleveland note: there used to be a tiny "brewpub" in Terminal A of the Cleveland Airport that sold nothing but hot dogs and Great Lakes beer.  What else do you need, right?  However, I heard rumors that it's closed... can I get a verification here?


  1. Isn't everything in Cleveland closed? The mistake by the milake as Will Ferrell would say.

  2. C'mon, Mo. They have Bryan "Johnny" Holmes - that's all they need.