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Sunday, December 11, 2011

And here we go...

My dad had a saying - in fact he probably still does - shit or get off the pot. I've been talking about starting this blog for five months. So this weekend, I came home and declared that I, in fact, decided to get off the pot. And here we go.

I'm going to blog for the next 365 days about 365 different breweries. Because I can. And because my Mom died. Because my Mom died too young and didn't get to do a lot of the things she wanted to do. So I'm going to things I want to do. Things that scare me. Things like baring my soul (or at least my favorite beers and best opinions), which terrifies me. Because if any of you know me, you know I'm a behind-the-scenes kind of person. I like to make people look good because I can. It's a talent.

I don't put myself out there...until now.

Inspiration struck for this blog while we were at dinner on the night before my Mom's viewing and funeral. Gary and I stopped for dinner in Baltimore at The Brewer's Art. Check it out: Great food. Great beer. Exactly what I needed to take my mind off what I was about to do.

As I sat there lost and searching for something to give me purpose, I came up with this idea and thank god Gary was up for an adventure. Because here we are now, five months later with a fridge full of beer and a promise to each other to be honest and creative and to have fun because you never know what life has in store for you.

And onto the beer for today, Resurrection Ale from Brewer's Art. If one is going to start a beer blog - especially one inspired by death - why wouldn't one pick a beer called Resurrection Ale?

Resurrection Ale is a gloriously malty celebration of most everything I like in a beer. It also helped drown my sorrows so don't judge me. I've learned that malt often times means candy sugar and that sweetness is there. But it's cut by a nice bite.

So here's to you Brewer's Art and to you, Mom. Thank you.


  1. Great idea for a blog! Blogging is great motivation to do what you love - cheers!

  2. Well, good onya for this ambition! I look forward to reading along. RIP Momma Ninja.