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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dirty Dozen

Beer #12 Zinnebir/ Brasserie de la Senne, Brussels, Belgium
Too busy with year-end at work to think about much else today, but I did receive an awesome present from my team: a gift card to The Capital Grille.  SCORE.  I may be the easiest guy in the world to shop for: does it involve, eating, drinking, Penn State, or some combination of the three?  Then I'm going to love it, no doubt.  Safe bet I'm headed there for the steak au poivre in Courvoisier cream sauce, because why on earth wouldn't I order that?  I can also see a dry, dirty martini in my future.  Man cannot live on beer alone, or something like that.

But no time to dream about gin, as we have beer to talk about.  Another day, another Belgian, and after four Brouwerijs in a row, we hit a Brasserie.  Today's beer is Zinnebir, a Belgian Pale Ale with a light color.  You can taste grain with the first sip along with a hint of fruit, and it packs a welcome level of bitterness along the way.  At a manageable 6% ABV, I could easily see myself working through a number of these on any given night.  With all of the Belgian beers recently, I think I'm gradually learning how to speak Dutch.  Or French.  Or maybe both?  Although when I try to pronounce things, I end up sounding like the Swedish Chef.  Oh well.

Thing to Think About Today:
Think about sushi.  Dinner tonight was at the best sushi restaurant in the 'burbs, Blue Fin.  If you love sushi and live in the Philly suburbs, this is a must visit.  They recently moved to a new location, which is awesome, because previously they were in a strip mall that looked on the verge of being condemned.  Maybe they moved because it was condemned?  New place is much bigger, and they haven't lost their fastball - the sushi is as excellent as ever.  Hearing rumors that they were going to open up another post somewhere near Villanova... but I'm happy that they're at least in a location where the walls may not cave in on them.  I'll keep you posted.

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