Breweries "Visited"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Beer #3 Sorachi Ace/ Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn NY
Day three.  Still alive.  Fridge still stocked.

In an otherwise quiet day, I'll pause to share my beer preferences.  Easy enough - does the description of the beer have the words "coffee", "burnt", or "toasted" involved?  Then I probably don't like it.  Everything else is good to go, although I lean towards the hoppy, malty, or sour.  Wasn't always this way.  Last winter, I tried to drink my way through a bout with the flu by stealing all of Marci's good stouts from the fridge.  Great idea in theory.  Until I realized that it was only making me feel worse, leaving Marci with a collection of half-drank stouts/porters and leaving me with a strong dislike for beers that taste like toasted, burnt coffee.  I know I'm missing out on some great beers, and every now and again I break the rule and order one.  Just can't get back on board, though.

Day three brings us the opposite of toasted, burnt coffee: the Sorachi Ace, a unique, bottle conditioned beer from the folks at Brooklyn Brewery.  Brooklyn is a favorite of ours, as our fridge has been home to their varieties such as Local 1 & Local 2 (can never remember which is which), Brown Ale, East India Pale Ale, Summer Ale, etc. etc.  Their Sorachi Ace is a classic Saison farmhouse ale, with hints of lemon and a smooth & dry finish.  Originally brewed in a French-speaking region of Belgium, Saisons are traditionally thought of as summer beers due to their light texture and how easy they are to drink.  Obviously, I'm drinking this in December, so I don't really care about that shit.  The interesting name comes from a hybrid hop first developed in 1988 in Japan, and the brewery uses a single farm in Oregon to source the hops for this lovely brew.  Consider that your odd fact for the day, and drink one of these when you get a chance.

Thing to Think About Today:
After dinner (pizza) and blogging, the evening will conclude with a watching of Horrible Bosses. It co-stars Charlie Day, better known (?) for his portrayal of the demented Charlie Kelly on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I use demented in the most reverential way possible; this show is one of the funniest things I've ever come across.  To celebrate, I share one of the most unusual yet hilarious 90 second scenes in the history of this program - the birth of Dayman.  I could explain what's happening here, but I won't.  Just watch the show.  Trust me.


  1. Great blog should rank on 1-10 scale also

  2. Thanks! I'm afraid if I ranked them, it would be like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer was a food critic and gave every restaurant 7 thumbs up.

    Definitely will be putting together a top 10, maybe a top 25 once we reach critical mass.