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Monday, December 19, 2011

Shit Happens

It's what you do next that matters. Tonight I lost a piece of pottery/tchotchke that I really loved. It belonged to my parents and was a million years old. I cried like a fool after finding it smashed to bits on the bathroom floor. Every time I lose something like this, it's like a muted version of my Mom dying all over again. Dramatic? Yes. Stupid? Yes. But I'm trying desperately to acknowledge these ridiculous responses to every day calamities and not allow myself to turn them into actual tragedies. Easier said typed than done.

Today we're drinking Belgian and this one even stumped one of my favorite bartenders. Tricky h, huh!

I couldn't find a website for Weissenoher Bonifatius Dunkel despite googling as if my life depended on it. This dunkel approached me with deep dark chestnut hues. It had no head (oh my!) and looked intimidating. Not to worry, it is surprisingly light. Upon first sips, it's sips, I found a hint of nuttiness. Then the chocolate settled in and I found happiness.

Until tomorrow and #10...

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