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Monday, December 12, 2011

Short trip for beer #2

Beer #2: V-12/ Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown PA
Upon hearing of this adventure, someone asked me if 365 different breweries even existed in the world.  In need of readers, I answered, "Read and find out!"  On the surface, that isn't a bad question when most people have only ever sampled from a dozen or two.  Most people only know mass producers like Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, or national brewers like Samuel Adams.  Maybe Heineken and Guinness and Amstel Lite (even though it's made by Heineken these days).  You get the point.

However, if you're willing to experiment, there's an entire universe of small (and not so small) craft brewers out there making some wonderful, exciting, delicious beers. We're lucky enough to have one of them in our backyard - Victory Brewing Company.  Okay, so it's 16.9 miles away.  Practically in our backyard.

Brewing since 1996, Victory cranks out some impressive offerings now available from coast to coast, and some great food at the brewpub as well.  For today's selection, I chose the V-12, a Belgian ale that manages to blend a crisp finish with a fruit taste along the way.  And the name?  An overt homage to horsepower: this tasty beer checks in at a sizable 12% alcohol by volume (ABV).  For the uninitiated, your can of Miller High Life is around 4.8% ABV.  Wine lives in the same neighborhood as the V-12.

Beware.  A delicious, easy drinking beer that can absolutely send you to bed early.  But that's the fun of experimenting with beers, no?

Thing to Think About Today:
When in Nashville, TN your trip cannot be considered complete without a visit to the Pancake Pantry on the West End (  You'll wait in line, outside, possibly for up to an hour.  Maybe more.  However, it will be 100% without a doubt worth it.  Get the Grill Cook's Medley, and hell yes ask for two pancakes on the side.

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