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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lucky #13: 21st Amendment Fireside Chat

Remember those strange old days when beer in a can was passé?  Now it's all hip and cool in the can.  I bring this up because my journey to Wegman's gave me the opportunity to add a can to my six pack of single bottles.  Strange days indeed.

Why does my iPad take such shitty photos?
Today we're drinking 21st Amendment Fireside Chat.  This beer is definitely out of my norm - hoppy with clove and nutmeg and a lingering bitterness that I tend to associate with hops.  What drew me to this beer was the can's illustration of a very dapper Franklin Roosevelt sitting fireside with what looks like a brandy snifter but I'll lie to all of us and claim it to be a tulip glass of beer.  The website describes the beer as a Strong Ale with added spices and cocoa nibs.  I'm getting the Strong Ale flavor and the spices, but I'm missing out of the cocoa nibs.  I guess you can't win them all.

Sidebar:  The Breweries "Visited" section is getting out of control.  I'm thinking that section will become the 10 most recently sampled breweries with the complete list on its own page.  I'm also enthralled with the idea of saving all the cans and bottles we drink during this adventure for a final photo.  It's absurd, but so is this blog.

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