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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beer #8: 't Gaverhopke Singing Blond

This blog was almost finished before it started tonight as I nearly choked to death on a deadly combination of spicy soup, a slightly too crisp sandwich wrap and beer. Beer in the nose is painful. So is choking.

A far better way to enjoy 't Gaverhopke Singing Blond Ale does not involve snorting it and I highly recommend drinking it. As I sipped it prior to dinner trying to discern the most notable flavors, I managed to drink almost half the bottle. I'm probably misusing sipping and should admit to gulping. Perhaps I should leave it at it's a great session beer. But per every definition of session beer I read, it mostly certainly is not. This one comes in at 9.8% ABV - nearly double the definition of session. Maybe it's just highly drinkable.

In the glass, it is a slightly cloudy golden liquid...a color I often associate with "Oh yeah, I'm going to like this." And on that note, I'm off to finish my beer and wonder why no one names beer after singing brunettes.

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