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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beer #17: Howl Black Lager

The day of reckoning has arrived.  It's my last day of vacation.  You may wonder what joyous and relaxing ways I spent the day and I'll tell you.  I tidied up for the cleaning ladies who are coming tomorrow.  I also did some work.  I am just a barrel of fun, aren't I?

I also played Angry Birds like it was my job and started journaling again.  So there.  Part of the problem is that it is raining like it's the end of days and I felt more like nesting at home than venturing out in this monsoon.  I did manage to not crack a beer until 4pm.  I probably could have made it longer but I really wanted some cookies and needed something to drink with them.  Instead of eventually drinking a beer on a belly full of milk, I opted for cookies and beer.

Today's selection comes from Magic Hat Brewing Company.  I picked Howl Black Lager for a number of disparate reasons.  The label is fantastically creepy.  See photo for evidence.  There's something about the dark side that I find intriguing and if my beer can feed that need, then so be it.

My love/admiration/fascination with James Franco also played into today's selection.  Non sequitur, you say!  Not at all, I say.  James Franco starred in Howl, which is an experimental film about Allen Ginsberg's life and work.  If you're brave enough to screen this flick, don't come back and ask me if I do drugs.  I don't.  I'm just a fan of unique characters and the odd movie now and again.  Ok  more odd movies way more often than the average person.  Sue me.

I could write about my fixation with James Franco for long enough that I'd bore all eight of this blog's followers into abandoning me so instead I'll move onto my review of Howl.

Howl is a black lager.  It's one of Magic Hat's seasonal offerings.  It tastes of roasted, slightly smokey malt with a hop-induced bitterness at the end.  The bitterness doesn't linger.  I'm also noticing a more pronounced carbonation than I'm accustomed to for such a dark beer.

Despite rocking Rebecca Black's Friday on the iPod right now, I'm off to maintain my cultural integrity by reading the text of Howl and finishing this beer.

And if you have time, go try some of Magic Hat's other beers.  Among my favorites are #9 (easy to find in a bar), Circus Boy, and Vinyl.

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  1. I will have to look for this one; it sounds interesting. And yes to Circus Boy. It's one of my favorites.