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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beer #12: Allagash Interlude

I could certainly live a life of leisure.  Mere words can't do justice to how much I'm enjoying having an entire week off.  I'm working out like a fiend, eating well, blogging mid afternoon (!), organizing the house...seriously.  If I didn't like having a paycheck so much, I'd quit my job.  Perhaps I'll start playing the lottery more.  

Today's beer is Allagash Interlude.  Two things influenced my selection of this particular Allagash.  

1.  The label tells me it's an ale aged in red wine barrels.  Win.
2.  It has Brettanomyces.  If you're curious enough to click that link, pay particular attention to the section on beer.  It lists a pretty fair number of my favorite beers.  I also like the description of what flavors Brettanomyces impart:  horse stable, bacon, spice, cloves, sweaty saddle, cheese.  Yes, please.  Win.

Gary once pointed out a beer while we were out noting, "Hey, order this. It claims to taste like a funky saddle."  And I did. I've also been swayed by a beer description citing stink, stank, stunk as characteristics.  Judge away, folks, judge away. 

Oh, wild ale, how I love thee.  In the glass it's surprisingly orange.  It reminded me of Beer #6 from Dogfish Head in looks.  In my nose, it smelled like funky red wine...Merlot or Syrah maybe?  Even before the first sip, I was anticipating the sour effervescence hitting my tongue and I was not disappointed.  At 9.5% ABV and sipping on a big bottle, I found a friend for the evening.   

Sidebar:  I make it a point not to read anything about the beer I've selected for the day until after I write my post.  I'm using this exercise to teach myself to taste in greater detail.  Imagine my delight when I just read the description of Interlude on Allagash's website and discovered that it is, in fact, aged in Merlot and Syrah wine barrels.  Win.  

Go get yourself a win and try some of Allagash's beers.  They tend to be big and bold and full of flavor.  Until tomorrow and lucky #13...

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