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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How many sit-ups is that?

Beer #4: Philadelphia Pale Ale/ Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia PA
Another day in December, another holiday party.  Like all Americans, this season challenges my waistline with baked goods, parties, and drinks.  The eating gets compounded with less sleep which leads to less desire to wake up and run in the morning.  Embarking on a beer challenge isn't exactly going to help my desire to not gain an extra ten (or fifteen) pounds this winter.

The average beer has about 150-200 calories per 12oz serving.  That number tends to go up significantly for beers with higher alcohol content, and let's face it: I often have more than 12 ounces per day and they're often strong.  Round that number up to 300 calories per day and some quick math suggests that over the year, I'll be adding over 109,500 calories to my diet through beer alone.  Probably waaaay more.  

So I was already going to consume a bunch of beer throughout the year, but damn: 100,000+ calories sounds like a BIG number.  Sounds like motivation to get up and run tomorrow morning, regardless of how tired I might feel.  Sigh.

Tonight's function was at a bar with some decent local brews on draft, so I chose a pale ale from Yards Brewing Company.  Nice pale ale that could be a bit hoppier for my taste, but definitely a solid choice.  I actually prefer their Extra Special Ale, if given my druthers.  Marci was at a separate function, and curiously enough also chose a Yards beer.  Clearly a demonstration of our telepathic connection.

Thing to Think About Today:
I'll be pulling a pair of these bad boys on tomorrow morning to try and wipe a few hundred calories off the ledger: a pair of Vizi-Pro orange Saucony ProGrid Triumph 8s.  Mildly overweight guy in day-glo orange shoes?  Aw, yeah.  If you're in the market for a neutral cushioned, plush yet responsive running shoe, look no further. Get a pair in neon orange and easily shave a minute or two off your pace.  Might burn a few extra calories in the process....

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