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Monday, December 26, 2011

Beer #16 Stillwater Stateside Saison

I ventured out to the King of Prussia mall today. What a nightmare. Are the sales really so important you'd run me into a parking garage pillar for that discount? Whatever.

I wised up and did what had to be done and then immediately headed over to Teresa's Cafe for some life affirming beers. I sampled a few but today I'll focus on Stillwater Ale's Stateside Saison.

It poured into my glass in an orange-golden color. It tasted strongly of the Chardonnay barrel in which it was aged. It had lots of subtle grape flavor throughout the tasting. The highly effervescent nature of this beer helped bring out the slightly grape-y flavors. It had a dry finish and I could have drank a few more.

After reading up on this brewer, I've learned he's a bit of a renegade. Stillwater doesn't seem to have a wide audience yet, but it's building a following. From what I've read Churchkey has a good offering of Stillwater and I know personally that Teresa's Next Door has a couple.

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