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Monday, December 19, 2011

Taste the Rainbow! Or, actually, don't bother.

Beer #9 Guido / Brouwerij de Regenboog, Brugge Belgium
Week starts with work (obviously), and ends with another holiday party and a stop at Teresa's Next Door for oysters & beer.   One more holiday party, then the actual holiday this weekend, and then..... the countdown to see how long our neighbor keeps her tree lit!!! Last year, the damn thing was not just up in their living room but also lit every night until some time in early summer.  I like Christmas as much as the next guy, but there are boundaries, people.  Mind them.

Moving on to today's beer - a bottle of Guido. Dark and malty, brewed with honey and raisins.  Pleasing aroma and nice color, but a somewhat smoky aftertaste. Needs more honey, perhaps.  Maybe less raisins?  And a whole lot less smoky, dirty ashtray taste.  Not a winner in my book.  Courtesy of the awesome feature in Google Chrome that translates Dutch to English, I discovered Regenboog means "rainbow".  I also discovered the beer was named after Guido Gazelle, a poet & priest.  Which is good, because I was afraid it had something to do with Jersey Shore...

Will likely cross off a few more Belgians I'm familiar with before heading back for some beers brewed in the USA.

Thing to Think About Today:
If you find yourself in Charlotte, NC - and let's face it, you certainly may - it would be a wasted trip without a stop at Dandelion Market for brunch on the weekend.  Nice beer list, and the roast beef sandwich is pretty awesome, but the reason you're there is for the self-serve Bloody Mary bar.  Ordinarily I feel the Bloody Mary bar is a scam: I'm paying for it, but you can't make it for me?  Really?  However, Dandelion Market steps up in a big way with a HUGE assortment of some well thought out fixin's.  A very, very generous vodka pour doesn't hurt either.  Kudos, Dandelion Market, for changing my opinion on the Bloody Mary bar.

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