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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Post Where Beer and Words Happen

Beer #109 Double Crooked Tree / Dark Horse Brewing Company, Marshall, Michigan

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.   When life pelts you in the nut sack repeatedly with lemons hurled at 97mph, perhaps instead of lemonade you should just go hide in a dark room.  That is where I'm at today.

This being said, I'm bringing beer with me to my hiding spot. Specifically, the Double Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse Brewing Co, which was on draft at TJ's in Paoli.  What does 'double crooked tree' mean, you ask? It's their regular Crooked Tree IPA but with double the flavor and alcohol.  They aren't kidding - this beer means business and brings 12% ABV to the party.  In the glass you see an apricot color with a thick white head.  You immediately pick up a hop aroma and the taste is very hop forward, with pine and lemon flavors coming though.  There's a mellow earthiness and dryness to this beer, and you really don't notice the high ABV. Beware.  Great beer for those IPA fans out there, I'll definitely be having more of this beer in the future.

Shiny. Magnificent!

Thing to Think About Today:
Mysteriously, the 'K' key on the iPad went away while typing this post. It was replaced by the '&' key, although hitting it still gave you a 'K'. I can't explain this.  Steve Jobs, Y U PLAY GAMES?

I'm completely fried, and if the iPad wants to play games with the 'K', then let's go waaay back and think about Positive K. Who, you ask?  An old school rapper who... yeah I have no idea.  Good night, kids.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing to work the shirt/jacket thing he has on in the opening scene.  Legendary.

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