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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Put Down the Tween Reading and Grab a Beer

Beer #105 Schiehallion / Harviestoun Brewery, Alva, Scotland

The world is agog with the Hunger Games movie.  For those living under a rock, it's based on a book (written for tweens, people.  For freaking TWEENS) set in a post-apocalyptic world where kids from around the country are entered into a tournament to kill each other.

I can't understand the current fascination adults have for books written for 13 year olds.  I guess as a society people don't want to be challenged with more difficult topics or more obtuse writing?  Seriously, put down the kiddie books and grab Philip Roth or some Hemingway or some... I don't know, anyone who writes for adults.

However, if these kids are seeded in 64-kid tournament where I can fill out a bracket, then I'm a little more on board.  Also, I can get on board if the winner of the Hunger Games then goes on to compete in the Kumite, the underground fighting tournament in Bloodsport.  Watch out for Chong Li  kids, he doesn't fight fair.  WHAT?  Two Bloodsport references in two days?  YES.

And what goes better with sanctioned child-on-child violence than a cold, delicious brew?  Beer!  Today's beer is the Schiehallion (prounounced "she-ha-li-on"), a lager from Harviestoun Brewery.  Had this on draft at The Farmer's Cabinet, one of the best beer bars in Philly.  Great static beer list, and some really unique rotating drafts.  Plus, excellent house beers as well.  Can't beat it.

Anyway, this one gives off a pale straw color in the glass, and has a light aroma of hops and citrus.  This refreshing beer has great flavors of grapefruit, grass, and malt with a bit of sweetness.  There's an even balance of hops throughout, with a nice dry finish.  Definitely not the average lager, and definitely worth a try.  In case you were wondering, Schiehallion is well known mountain in Scotland, and serves as inspiration for this lager.  Knowledge!

Grainy Loch Ness Monster quality photo? Check!
Thing to Think About Today:
I guess I should probably just be happy that people read books instead of just stare at reality TV, even if the books are geared towards kids in middle school.  That aside, the "humans hunting humans" genre has been done before and done well, although admittedly having kids do the killing is a nice touch.  On this lazy Saturday, let's all spend some time thinking about one of the best books and films in this genre: The Running Man.

Written by Stephen King (not for tweens, hooray!) and made into a movie in '87, The Running Man is set in a futuristic dystopian society, and stars a man who competes on a game show for his life.  The book and the movie diverge greatly, although both are fine in their own right.  Let's stick with the movie version, and let  Arnold Schwarzenegger fight for his life against the stalkers.  I'll be back!

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