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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beer 98: Madrugada Obscura

Jolly Pumpkin makes some awesome beer.  One of my all time favorites is the Madrugada Obscura - a sour stout!  I don't have a photo.  Sorry.

It pours black as night with a thick cocoa color head.  It smells like a Flanders red ale.  But even better - a medley of sour dark fruits.  The taste has full roasted malt flavor along with bitter hops.  It's chocolate-tinged coffee with a full sourness.  I fnd it to be very carbonated and refreshing to drink.  The look of this beer would make you think heavy to drink, but it is quite the opposite.  Top 25?  Hell yeah.

Another highlight from Jolly Pumpkin's arsenal:  Bam Biere.  See what Gary has to say about it here.

Since I don't have a photo, I leave you with this thought on St. Patrick's Day...never, ever do this to yourself or your child.  I will find you and be forced to slap some sense into you.


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