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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beer 95: de Molen London Porter

I picked de Molen’s London Porter because of the description:  historic recipe developed with the help of the renowned beer historian Ron Pattinson; a one-of-a-kind example of a genuine porter.  I’m a fan of porters so how could I resist drinking a historically accurate porter?

Sorry about the background...
This beer was brewed in an extremely limited quantity.  It’s from a recipe discovered by Pattinson that dates to August 1, 1914.  This is the beer you would have ordered in pre-WWI London.  Pretty crazy if you think about it.  I had it on draught at The Farmer’s Cabinet.  I know I always sing the praises of Teresa’s Next Door, but if you’re in Philadelphia, go to The Farmer’s Cabinet.  You’re a fool if you don’t.

It poured a deep, dark brown in my glass.  It had a coffee aroma that carried through to the flavor.  I found it to be have some spice to it.  It was also a bit nutty.  I’m struggling to describe the way it drank.  To say it wasn’t  smooth makes it sound bad.  But it wasn’t smooth.  It had body.  It also finished dry.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really want to put it in my Top 25 but I hesitate because in nine months from now, I’m probably not going to find anymore.

p.s.  Someone please tell Google that it is not smarter than I am -- at least on this occasion.  I most certainly did not want to look up Rob Pattinson.  His pale, pouty man-boy image was most certainly not what I meant.

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