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Friday, March 9, 2012

Judges scores: The Week 49, Me 44

Beer #90 Horny Devil / AleSmith Brewing Company, San Diego, CA 

If this week was a 5 round fight, life would currently be way ahead on the judges cards, taking at least three rounds and probably pulling even on a fourth.  Some weeks you have it, some weeks you don't, and this week I didn't. The good news is I'm ready for a trip to Oklahoma next week.  I'm sure everyone will be cool with all of the work I haven't finished from last week, and probably no one will email me with new tasks while I'm out of the office.  Right?  Yeah, didn't think so either.

Alright, alright, enough complaining.  I should be looking on the bright side here - today is Friday, spring is muscling its way through the door, and I get to drink beers today.  That's it people, complaining time is over.  I'm changing my attitude 180 degrees and getting into weekend mode.

And that starts with beer!

Tonight's beer was a big bottle of AleSmith Brewing Company's Horny Devil, a Belgian strong ale.  This beer pours a cloudy golden orange, and gives off aromas of yeast, honey, and apple.  There are flavors of biscuit, candi sugar, malt, and citrus fruits, with a peppery finish.  There's a sweetness there, but it's balanced out with a clean finish and some peppery bite.  Very well done, and very much worthy of your consideration.  Trust me here, I'm a professional.

Thing to Think About Today:
There's nothing like good music to turn a bad day into a big party.  So let's think of ending a busy work week and kicking off a fun, enjoyable Friday, no?  Mike Doughty and Soul Coughing, take it away:

Slip into the car, go driving to the farthest star...

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