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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Today Isn't Much Better

Beer #112 #133 / Bøgedal Bryghus, Vejle, Denmark

Do you know what today needed? Some time away from the house spent with friends so I could stop being sad. Courtesy of a few good friends, we got exactly that with a trip to Victory Brewing Company for a late lunch and some sensational afternoon beers. Thank guys, much appreciated. I've already reviewed Victory but had a new brew today; their Alla Spina Novello, brewed in partnership with Mark Vetri's Alla Spina restaurant. This delicious beer is an immensely drinkable Belgian blonde. If you're at Alla Spina or Victory, please try this beer.

Today's official brewery for review is one that came on draft at Farmer's Cabinet - the Bodegal #133.  This beer poured a dark chocolate with a tan head, and had a chocolate aroma.  The flavor had notes of creamy chocolate and cherry, with a tart sourness.  Not my typical beer, but quite good.  Marci previously reviewed this brewery here in this post, and shared some great info on the brewery.  Check it out.  Only complaint - it was poured in a 7oz glass.  What's up with that, Farmer's Cabinet?

Thing to Think About Today:
Lost in the shuffle of yesterday was the fact I drank a beer from Kansas.  You may never find yourself in Kansas, and even if you do find yourself in Kansas, you may never find yourself in Topeka.  However, should you find yourself in Topeka, I encourage you to stop by Skinny's for a beer or six.  Went there with some colleagues, and we were mildly surprised to find it to be more of a speakeasy - people openly gambling on their card games (with legal tender), and 32oz cups of beer for something like $2.  No, it's not craft beer heaven, but you can find some craft beers there.  More importantly, you get to be in a real bar that is more worried about their customers having a good time than creating some pretentious experience.  Thank me later.

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