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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beer 113: Robinsons Old Tom or Things I Don’t Want to Do Today

Things I don’t necessarily want to do today:  drink beer.  Sorry, folks, it’s the truth.  Of course, this happens on a day where I have nothing in my reserve of beer reviews.  RATS!

So here I sit with a freshly poured Old Tom Ale.  It was named the world’s best ale by the World Beer Awards.  So I have that going for me…

It poured a clear deep shade of brown in my glass -- not much head.  The smell was dark fruit and malt. The taste is strong on anise with an underlying sweetness.  It finishes with very strong hops.  The taste also teases some root beer  flavor as well.  This is complex beer -- lots going on in the smell and taste.  Good stuff.


p.s.  Beer followed by sake and wine followed by more beer is a bad idea.  You can take my word on that.

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