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Friday, April 13, 2012

When Austria met Scotland

Beer #125 MacQueen's Nessie / Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg, Vorchdorf, Austria

I'm at home, in my favorite chair with a beer cracked, some good music on - the weekend has arrived and I'm feeling great.  I've been grumpy all week, so much so that I apologized to a few co-workers for my bad attitude.  However, there's nothing like a Friday to fix all of that.  Plus, I'm wearing a new sweater and received not one but two compliments.  I'll take it.

You all have fun things to do this weekend, so let's get down to business.  When I read the name MacQueen's Nessie on today's beer, I instantly got a vision of Scotland.  Bagpipes, kilts, peat bogs, Scotch....

You there! Is your name MacQueen?

Yeah, not exactly. This beer hails from Austria.  The land of......things that aren't Scottish.  This take on a red ale comes from Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg.  It's brewed with Scottish Highlands whiskey malt, and has a clear, light amber color with a thin and barely there head.  It has flavors of raisins, honey, and caramel, just not in an incredibly great combination.  Not very robust, this beer actually comes across with a somewhat watery taste.  Not sure what the whiskey malt managed to impart on the beer, as none of the good flavors I associate with whiskey seemed to be present.  Sorry, this one isn't a winner.

While the beer wasn't one I enjoyed, the brewery itself is an interesting story.  Based in a castle that was built in 971 (Wait, do you mean 1971?  No, I meant 971, or 1,041 years ago.) this brewery has been producing beer since the 14th century and selling beer commercially to the public since 1681.  I can definitely appreciate the historical aspect of this brewery, even if the beer wasn't one I'd have again.

Thing to Think About Today:
Today's beer didn't really due Scotland justice.  So, let's pay some proper respect here for the Scots.  Were you aware that Scotland has given the world some pretty awesome bands, such as Franz Ferdinand, Simple Minds, Annie Lennox, Travis, the Bay City Rollers, and a whole host of others?  If you didn't know that, now you do.  So let's kick off the weekend with a fun weekend-friendly song from a legendary Scottish band, The Proclaimers:

Ah, 1993.  Good to have you back.

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