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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beer 129: Piccolo, huh, Sucka?

My brain is fried and I have the most random thoughts rattling around in the ashes.  I spent all day reviewing and approving print materials.  Are all the words spelled correctly?  Are the ads crisp? Did any names fall off the donor and committee lists?  Are the pages laid out correctly?  Is the color right?  Is this gold gold enough or is it too yellow-tinged?

No pressure.  It's only a $7,000 mistake if there are typos.
As I started to type the name of tonight’s beer, Neneh Cherry’s Buffalo Stance leapt into what was left of my brain and now IT WON’T GO AWAY.  Hence the piccolo, huh, sucka?  Admit it.  You know exactly what I’m writing about.

Now on to the actual beer review.  The Piccolo Saison is from Piccolo Birrificio (Italy).  It was fruity and earthy and incredibly fizzy.  The color was hazy straw and had a medium head.  It had a biscuity twang but left a very odd taste behind.  As I worked my way through the glass, every once in awhile I’d get some very subtle hints of grape.

Cheers, suckas...

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