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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Breaking (Bad) News: Beer from New Mexico

Beer #119 Monks' Wit / Abbey Beverage Company, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Started the day with a long walk in Valley Forge Park, spent the mid-day shopping (Marci will fill you in on that), and spent the late afternoon enjoying some beers on the front porch at Paramour, watching people meander down the sidewalk of Lancaster Avenue in Wayne.  I highly recommend Paramour - the beer list is great, the food is very good, and most importantly every beer they pour comes in a funky imperial pint glass sort of shaped like a nuclear reactor cooling tower.  This is a good thing; the 20oz pour is a huge bargain for the price, particularly when you're drinking some serious beers, such as Our Side from Stillwater/Mikkeller.

While we did enjoy a tall pour of Our Side, what led us to Paramour was the chance to drink a beer I've never heard of before.  Hooray for having up to date beer lists on-line!  Today's beer is the Monks' Wit, a Belgian Wheat from Abbey Beverage Company, the brewery operated by Benedictine monks from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert.  Um, who?  Sure, the name doesn't roll off the tongue, and while you may be familiar with the Trappist Monks of Belgium, I'm going to guess the Abbey of Christ in the Desert probably doesn't ring a bell.   Well, consider yourself informed: this beer is really good.

In the glass, this Wit beer is an effervescent gold, with a thin wispy white head. You get aromas of of light citrus, orange and lemon, with a subtle spice. When you drink this one, you get flavors of lemon, yeast, and light malt with a dry finish. Very even and balanced. It might be hard to find, but if you see it in your local bar/bottle shop, definitely give it a try.

Thing to Think About Today:
I'll admit it - what I know about New Mexico could fit in a thimble.  You've got... Georgia O'Keefe, Native Americans, Los Alamos.... and sadly I can't help you any more.  I've never been, and likely won't get there any time soon (despite our goal to hit all 50 states).

However, I am learning more about New Mexico courtesy of one of the most interesting shows on television, the Emmy winning Breaking Bad.  Set in Albuquerque, this show stars Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcolm in the Middle) as Walter White, a down on his luck high school chemistry teacher.  Down on his luck?  His son has cerebral palsy, his wife is pregnant, and oh yeah - he was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Walter decides that in order to provide for his family, he needs to leave them with enough money for after he's gone.  And so, he embarks on an ambitious new career... cooking crystal meth.

Yes, the mild mannered chemistry nerd finds out he has an aptitude for making the best methamphetamine in all of Albuquerque, and sheer insanity ensues.

Is it as good as The Wire?  No, because The Wire is the greatest show in the history of television - but it's pretty damn close.  Great writing, great characters, and interesting plot turns in every episode.  Do yourself a favor and check this out as soon as possible.  You won't regret it.  And have a beer from New Mexico while you do it!

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  1. A great beer.. I'm actually down here in New Mexico for the time being - and had a chance to run the 'driveway' to this remote monastery just 6 weeks ago. Beautiful, bucolic setting as you might expect; no wonder Georgia O'Keeffe found inspiration here in the Chama River canyon. Hops are being grown right down by the water's edge :)