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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Candy and Beer. Happy Holiday!

Beer #120 Baby Tree / Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Somerville, MA

Happy Easter to all - or, more specifically, to those who believe in that sort of thing.  We're fortunate to have a beautiful day here, which is good and bad.  Good, because I can sit on the deck and drink beer and write today's post.  Bad, because both of us have work to do, either projects around the house or work for our jobs, and nothing is getting done right now.  Seems too nice out to do work, right?

Today's beer is one that's been in our fridge for a few weeks waiting for just the right day.  And today seems like a perfect day to open up Baby Tree, a quad from Pretty Things brewed for Easter (yet available year-round).  As the picture shows, this beer is a dark chestnut in the glass, with a very thin off-white, almost tan head.  There are aromas of malt and fruit, and the taste brings flavors of malt, candi sugar, berries, and a hint of chocolate.  Delicious on a sunny, yet breezy and cool afternoon.  "That's an odd name for a beer," you say.  I agree, so I'll let you get the story from the horse's mouth (so to speak).  This beer checks in at 9% ABV, but it drinks like a beer with far less alcohol.

Really interesting story behind the brewers.  Pretty Things is a husband and wife team who work as tenant brewers, renting space from other breweries.  I often give you some brewery facts, which you may or may not read.  However, if you only click on one brewery link, it should probably be this one.  Cool story, fun people, great beer.  What else is there to say?  In addition, they have a side project where they brew beer from old recipes, to provide a historical beer experience.  I'm a history nerd, so I need to get my hands on some of these pronto.

Thing to Think About Today:
Let's all think about what's really important on this Sunday:  CANDY.  I have a killer sweet tooth, and my mom worked as a taste tester for Cadbury and Hershey when I was growing up.  Aw yeah, match made in heaven.  With those expert credentials on the table, you'll certainly trust me when I suggest we all think about the greatest Easter candy ever:  The Cadbury Creme Egg.

For those of you who have survived a horrible life which so far hasn't included the Cadbury Creme Egg, I'll clue you in. It's a milk chocolate egg filled with  a yellow and white fondant filling - when you crack it open, it's like you cracked open a real egg.  However, instead of the risk of salmonella, you get a sugary sweet candy that looks somewhat like an egg.  So much better than real eggs, right?  This delightful candy experience walks dangerously close to the line of too sweet, and I freely admit that eating more than one or two per season might be pushing it.  However, for the one or two that you do eat?  Pure magic.

A happy Easter to all, and to all, a good night.

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