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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beer 120: Pretty Things in Honor of Easter

At roughly the 30% of goal for this project, I find myself longing to drink specific beers -- anything from Stillwater or Mikkeller or a Petrus or 1809 or a Duchess.  The 365 craft brewers in 365 days challenge has been absolutely fantastic.  I’m finding some really awesome beers.  Unfortunately I’m also having to wait almost a year to revisit them.  Or at least that was the case until lately.  Now I’m in a one for the blog, one for Marci mindset.  It’s definitely helping with the “I don’t want to drink this new and potentially awesome beer.  I want a ______________.”

It is a glorious day out here in the ’burbs and what better way to spend a day like today than at the dog park.  Best part of the dog park?  Meeting new dogs.  Second best part of the dog park?  It does this to the Army of Dachshunds.


For today’s beer I thought a Pretty Things Baby Tree would be appropriate.  Look at that label -- it screams Easter and spring awakenings.  Pretty Things is a husband/wife team of gypsy brewers.  They’re based in Somerville, Massachusetts and Baby Tree is their quadruple.  It pours a beautiful garnet liquid with a thin tan head.  It’s has commanding flavors -- solid malt and hop, hints of chocolate, dark fruit (plums?).  As I approached the midway point of the beer, I noticed more peppery spice - maybe even green chilies.  Baby Tree is a quad and has a 9% ABV, but is surprisingly light and very drinkable.

If you’re curious about the name, check out their website for the full story.  I love quirky and I love this beer!  Hopefully one day soon, Gary will get into his bottle of Pretty Things’ Jack D’Or.  And hopefully he shares!


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