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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beer 127: 16 Mile Amber Sun Ale

It is April 15.  I’m sitting outside and it’s about 80 degrees.  This weather cannot be beat.  Of course, I’m wearing SPF 50 and hiding under an umbrella because how else do you cultivate the glow-in-the-dark look that I rock?

You know what’s perfect to sip on a day like today?  16 Mile Brewing Company’s Amber Sun Ale.  16 Mile is brewed and bottled in Georgetown, Delaware and was recommended very emphatically by a good friend when I first started writing back in December.  (Sorry it’s taken me four months to get around to trying it, Brad!)

It poured a deep amber hue with a slightly off white head that’s leaving some nice lacing.  The ABV is 6.1%.  I have nothing to write about the scent.  Neighbor was out cutting the grass earlier and I can barely breathe at this point.  Hello grass allergies!  The taste is solid.  Lightly roasted malts, just the tiniest hint of hop bitterness.  A bit bready.  It’s creamy, but not heavy at all.  Very easy drinking.


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