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Monday, April 23, 2012

Of Tiki Idols and Conch Shells

Beer #135 Longboard Lager / Kona Brewing Company, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Tonight's beer is the Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii, which means this beer has been on quite a journey to reach my front door.  This pale lager shows of a crystal clear gold with very little if any head.  It gives off a slightly sweet grain aroma, and the flavor brings notes of grain and malt.  This is a very refreshing, smooth, easy drinking beer.  It's described as a lager, but in my mind, it drinks more like a pilsner.  Marci tried a sip and exclaimed, "I can drink that all day."

My parents went to Hawaii,
and all they got me was this shitty camera phone pic

I've visited a fair number of breweries in my day, and to some degree when you see one, you see them all.  The process to make beer is what it is.  However, this is DEFINITELY a brewery I'd love to visit in person, for obvious reasons.

Thing to Think About Today:
Hawaii is a land of rich cultural heritage.  With that being said, allow me to suggest we all think about a perhaps not entire accurate look into Hawaiian culture courtesy of The Brady Bunch.  Yes, it's a three part episode where the Bunch heads to Hawaii for vacation, and crazy things ensue.  You know, tiki idols, surfing accidents, crazy archaeologists, sacred burial grounds.  I'm sure it all made sense in the 70's.

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