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Friday, April 20, 2012

Tear Away Pants, Beer, Weekend. Boom.

Beer #132 Salvator / Paulaner Brauerei, Munich, Germany

Went in the office for a key meeting this morning, then headed for the hills to kickoff a long, and hopefully awesome weekend.  Here's an action shot of me transitioning from work to weekend:

Thankfully I wore my tear-away suit today so I could make a quick change and be ready to roll.  Not sure why I decided to wear a headband, but it seems to work.  Let's do this!

With the weekend comes beer, and today's is the Salvator from Paulaner.  I grabbed this one off the shelf at Whole Foods mostly because we occasionally call our dog Salinger "Salvatore" when he's being very grouchy.  I really don't know why.  Anyway, this double bock pours an amber color with very little head, and gives off aromas of honey and sweet malt.  The taste is a mellow mix of honey, malt, stone fruits and spice.  A decent beer, although it could have had a bit more backbone.  A bit more oomph.

Damn I love my phone.

Another European beer, another ancient brewery.  Paulaner can trace roots back to 1634, when monks in Munich first started brewing beer to bridge the fasting of Lent.  Salvator was the original beer produced, and it still uses the same recipe to this day.

Thing to Think About Today:
Enough reading, let's all start enjoying this weekend.  How about we think on a song that would be great to play with the windows rolled down and the stereo cranked way, way up?  The Heavy, the floor is yours:

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