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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beer 115: Blanche de Bruxelles and French Accents

If you're sticking with me and this blog, then please do yourself a favor and read the following post in a French accent.  It's how it sounded as I was typing it.  Or, more accurately, read it in your best vampire voice.  All my accents end up sounding like a slightly drunken vampire.

Ask Gary.  He'll tell you once he stops laughing. know you’re having a good day when you have the opportunity to shout one of the following  at various points of the work day:

“I double-dog-dare you to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is superior to an Uncrustable.”

“Stay alive. I will find you.”

The first followed a very heated debate about what makes a quality peanut butter and jelly sandwich and is most definitely going to result in a PB & J throw down, which is awesome. And the latter has already made more than one of us laugh until we cried today.  


I'm continuing my good day with a good beer.  It is Brasserie Lefebvre's Blanche de Bruxelles -- a white beer brewed in Belgium.  It is described on the label as being refreshing and having a soursweet taste.  It's brewed with coriander and orange peel.  Damn you, coriander!  I actually rummaged through the spice rack to find my coriander (because why wouldn't I have coriander?) but I DON'T HAVE ANY.  Why can't I experience the singular taste of coriander?  Ever???

Anyway I can't attest to the strength of the coriander flavor.  I can tell you that it poured a very hazy straw color with a medium head that left nice lacing.  It smells strongly of orange with hints of banana and clove and maybe even a bit of cinnamon.  First sips reveal that it is indeed refreshing.  Score.  The orange and banana carried through, as did the spice.  It also had a dry, biscuit-like flavor.  Delicious.  This is an awesome beer.  

Curious as to what Gary thought of it?  Check it out.


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