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Monday, April 23, 2012

Beer 135: Butternuts Beer and Ale and WTF

Day 1 of the biggest week ever is done.  All I could think of one the way home is a cold refreshing beer.  Long story short, I find myself walking around the house demanding to know why the fuck would you print farmhouse ale on a can of stout?  Why?  Why would you do that to me? Why Butternuts, why?

So now you know I’m having a stout tonight.  It is the Butternuts Beer and Ale stout to be exact.  Seriously.  It says farmhouse ale on the front of the can.  And no, the fun cow on the label wasn’t a tip off.  And Gary assures me all the damn cans read farmhouse ale.  I’m shaking my fist at you, Butternuts.

The Moo Thunder stout poured a deep, dark and rich shade of brown with a cocoa color head.  It smells great.  Strong roasted aromas of coffee.  It drinks thin but with lots of character.  Flavors of cola and coffee dominating up front and finishing with burnt coffee.  The burnt taste is a bit much every once in awhile and it can morph into bitter pretty quickly -- not what I expect from a milk stout.  Beer Advocate rates it as exceptional.  I’d give it a surprisingly good.  If it were a bit creamier and a little sweeter, I could definitely get onboard with exceptional.  Cheers!

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