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Friday, April 20, 2012

Beer 132: Estrella Damm, Chicken and Malt Liquor

Today I flirted with my maximum caffeine and sugar intake limit.  My heart is not happy.  I've also been rapping to myself, "I live a life filled with awards and caffeine" a la Ludacris.  It would probably be less stressful if it were Luda's life filled with chicken and malt liquor.  He seems pretty chill.  Plus he has rims on his skates.

And now onto the beer.  Tonight I shall tell you about Estrella Damm.  Damm is right.  I poured it, went to take a photo and then forgot it on the shelf.  Then I remembered it, moved it to the kitchen and forgot it again.  After remembering it a second time, I took a sip and all it elicited was a hearty, "That's ok."  Perhaps my subconscious was telling me not to bother. 

The Estrella Damm is brewed in Spain.  The color was golden. The head off-white.  It is low on hop flavor and definitely has lots of malt smoothness.  Kind of grain flavored.  But it also has a strange metallic taste.  No distinct smell.  For a beer recipe as old as this one, I expected a lot more.  Instead I got nothing but disappointment. 

After writing this, I checked out what had to say about it.  The masses agree with me.  I'm off to Paramour to check out their offerings for the evening.  Hopefully I'll have something good to report tomorrow.


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