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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beer 131: Thirsty Dogs and Ceramic Dogs

Today’s productivity was brought to us by a free cupcake and high-test coffee.  In exactly one week, the hardest part of my year will be behind me.  It makes me happy and sad -- mostly happy.  You know what else makes me happy?  That ceramic dachshund sitting on my desk.  We talk.  He has opinions. Especially about my obsessive list writing.  Whatevs.


Last night TJ’s in Paoli saved my beer drinking butt with a new-to-me brewery:  Thirsty Dog out of Akron, Ohio.  I tried the Siberian Night Imperial Stout - the granddaddy of imperial stouts per their website.  All their beers have fun dog-related names but I couldn’t find a backstory on why.  But anything related to dogs is good for me so off we go.

This imperial stout poured pitch black with a full cocoa color head that fizzled away.  It was everything I’d want in an imperial stout -- coffee, roasted malts, some caramel.  It also came with just a hint of smokiness.  Quite honestly, it was perfect for the rainy night.  I did find it to be heavier than a lot of the other stouts I’ve had recently.  It had a full, creamy feeling in my mouth (go ahead, laugh).  Does it make it into my top 25, no.  But I bet it could be in  the top 50.


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