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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beer 123: MacQueen’s Nessie

I have one random thought to share with you all tonight.  I love having a car that tells me exactly how many miles I can drive before completely running out of gas.  Last night I set a new record:  11 miles remaining.  That’s down from 13 when I last pressed my luck.

One day soon, I’ll live to regret this little competition.


Tonight I’m drinking a MacQueen’s Nessie.  It’s a whisky malt red beer and a product of Austria.  It looked like liquid honey in the glass.  Oddly it smelled strongly of honey - or maybe those Pine Bros. cough drops. The taste was kind of hollow.  Lots of scent as it approached my lips but then nothing and it had a weird dry, chemical finish.  Maybe it tastes like tea.  Is that peat from the whisky?  Isn’t peat involved in whisky making?  I don’t know.  This one is total yuck.

Here’s to a better beer tomorrow.  Cheers!

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