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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beer 130: Weihenstaphan and Farting Cats

Go visit The Oatmeal right now.  He is pure genius.

Fart humor rules. So do fart propelled cats.


Tonight I shall tell you about Weihenstephan's crystal wheat beer.  It poured a clear, crisp golden color with a full wispy head.  I should have taken some video of the carbonation - this beer is crazy active.  The smell and flavor of this beer is exactly what one would expect from a filtered hefeweizen -- light on the bananas, cloves, crisp hops and biscuit flavor. This is a solid beer. 

Interesting note about this particular brewery.  Gary brought this beer home a few night's ago and I declared it invalid because I swore we already drank a beer from the "world's oldest brewery". I checked their website but nothing was familiar?  Was I duped by another brewery purporting to be the world's oldest brewery?  Was this false advertising? 

In fact, no, I drank a beer that was a partnership between this brewer and Sam Adams.  Remember the Infinium?  Sadly I do.  Blech.  Lucky for me, this one had no Sam Adams influence. 


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