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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seriously, Mother Nature. SERIOUSLY?

Beer #133 Titan IPA / Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver, Colorado

Well past one third of the way done with this 'beer from a different craft brewery every day for a year' project.  A lot of great beers and breweries down, many still to come.  Today is the Blue White game, the Penn State spring football scrimmage open to the public.  This is significant because it's the first "game" without Joe Paterno since the 60's, but more importantly it's the first chance to tailgate since last November.  For reasons I can't necessarily explain well, I love tailgating.  Something about a giant outdoor party with some of your closest friends brings great joy to my heart.  I don't do many things well in life, but I do tailgate like a champion.  Hopefully today's effort kicks off a good summer of tailgates.

Really, you can't talk about tailgating without talking about beer.  Some good craft brews (and yes, a few macro brews) in the cooler ready for the day.  With beer in mind, today's beer is the Titan IPA from Great Divide, another great Colorado brewery.  This one came on draft at TJ's, as they continue to rotate some really interesting options on their taps.  In the glass, this IPA shows off a copper color with a foamy white head.  The aroma gives off pine and citrus, and there is a solid hop bitterness here, with floral, citrus notes culminating in a dry, clean finish.  The citrus isn't overpowering here, there's an earthiness here that is more prevalent that other IPAs.  Don't get me wrong; this isn't a bad thing.  This beer is definitely worth your effort and deserves a try if you find it near you.  Great Divide labels this beer as "assertive" and "aromatic."  Correct on both counts.

If you squint, it looks like a beer.

Thing to Think About Today:
Weather forecast for today's Penn State Blue-White spring practice game is rain.  Quite frankly, this causes significant problems to someone who dreams of tailgating.  Which I do.  Figures that we've had summer-like weather all week, so once Saturday comes we get rain.  Tailgating in the rain isn't impossible, but it does cause some logistical issues.  So, Blind Melon, let them all know what we think today:

Ah, the 90's.  Everything was better in the 90's.

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