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Friday, April 13, 2012

Beer 125: St. Somewhere Saison Athene

I’m writing this with an endless loop of Funky Cold Medina playing in my head thanks to the description provided by The Boilermaker of a “funky saison”.

I know it doesn’t rhyme and the meter is off, but here I sit, typing away, wondering “why you so fly?”.  It’s the funky cold medina.


Evidently Birthday-Celebrating-Marci
forgets to take photos
I banked this beer on my birthday bar tour -- ok my birthday bender -- at The Boilermaker.  St. Somewhere is brewed in Florida, which I never associate with craft beer.  But 125 days into this adventure, we’ve encountered two breweries already.  The Saison Athene poured a dark yellow and had a slightly floral aroma with a little spiciness.  The taste was awesome -- balanced, lots of carbonation, kind of tart, a little earthy and citrusy.  I also wrote “cherries? candy?” in my notes.  Then I drank a lot that day/night and have no clue what that meant.

Overall I would drink the Saison Athene again if I encountered it.  I’m also definitely going to check out some of the other offerings from St. Somewhere.

Cheers! I'm off to find all my Tone Loc tracks on the iPod.

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