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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beer 119: Leelanau Brewing’s Good Harbor Golden

About this time every year I find myself in need of a formal dress.  The odd thing about looking for a formal dress this time of year is that it coincides with prom season.  And this time every year I thank god that I opted not to have children -- most especially for opting not to have female children.  Because -- based on mall evidence -- they are all sluts.

The following photos are all sadly similar to what I saw in my shopping adventure today:

And you know that eventually it is going to lead to this:

Now go wash your eyes with soap.  It is the only answer after seeing something like that.


Tonight I’m reviewing a beer I had on my birthday adventure.  Obviously first and foremost big ups to Gary for orchestrating said adventure.  Second, big ups to The Boilermaker for being awesome.

I would have bet that Leelanau was coming to me from Hawaii, but, in fact, it is straight out of Michigan.  Michigan! I need to get myself to Michigan because there is A LOT of good beer to be had there.

The Leelanau Good Harbor Golden was billed as a biere de garde aged in oak barrels.  It poured a cloudy golden color with a minimal head.  I didn’t notice any lacing as I drank it.  It was definitely oak-y and very earthy.  What surprised me - and Gary, since we were sharing this 750mL bottle - is the overwhelming and fantastic sourness.  I love sour beers and you know this is going in my Top 25.

Interestingly this brewery is working in conjunction with Jolly Pumpkin in its early stages -- Jolly Pumpkin being another one of my all time favorites. I think I taste more than a little Jolly Pumpkin influence on this one in particular.

Here’s to awesome beers!  Cheers!

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