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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Beer 140: Cigar City Brewing and an Afternoon Beer

Despite swearing that I was spending today in a coma in my pajamas, I managed to get a ridiculous number of things done.  The contractor finished up the latest round of work at our house.  I found a new little project for myself that took me to Lowe's and we swung by Ikea in search of new glassware, ended up with new lanterns and a good idea for a replacement couch.

The afternoon ended at TJ's and me finding a tasty beer from Cigar City Brewing.  Hotter than Helles is a Munich style lager.  It poured a cloudy lemon-yellow shade of beer with a thin head.  It smelled bready and grainy.  The flavor was surprisingly sweet, malt and very smooth.  I noted faint hints of orange undertones.  It was very quenching and  clean.  I could have put a few of them back.


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