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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beer 137: Christoffel Nobel or Mmm, Beer, Good

Based on looks alone, I feel badly about providing a "" kind of post.  But that's unfortunately the way this one is going to play out.  

Christoffel Nobel is a dry-hopped triple lager.  It's from the Netherlands.  8.7% ABV.  It's an interesting cloudy, deep copper color.  Pretty much no head.  It smells of raisins.  Strongly.  

The flavor reminds me of earth, black tea, molasses. There is lots of black pepper and hops.  It drinks like it has a much higher ABV -- lots of warm alcohol in my belly. This beer is definitely intriguing.  At first I was all, "It's too hoppy."  Then as I reached the midway point, it's totally growing on me.  This beer is complicated and I am exhausted.  I surrender, Christoffel Nobel.  I surrender.

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