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Friday, April 27, 2012

Beer 139: Speakeasy Ales and the 60 Hour Work Week

Things that have frightened me today:

Not remembering anything about this morning

Nearly falling asleep on the drive home this afternoon

The way my eyeballs feel right now

After banging out the umpteenth 60+ hour work week - this week managing to do it in four days - my body is done.  Everything hurts.  My eyes don't really work.  I nearly fell asleep at the wheel at 3pm.  I don't remember seeing or talking to Gary this morning.  I'm going to bed the moment I hit publish on this post.


I'm raiding my stash of beer reviews for today's post.  This Big Daddy IPA was had at Paramour (Wayne, PA) last week.  It poured a nice shade of amber with a fluffy white head.  The smell was nice and citrusy.  The flavor was good.  I normally don't care for IPAs but this one managed to get a thumbs up from me.  It had a characteristic hop bite, but was balanced by citrus and honey and a bit of pine.  Big Daddy IPA is brewed by Speakeasy Ales and Lagers out of California.


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