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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yo Momma So Fat.....

Beer #103 Fatty Boombalatty / Furthermore Beer, Spring Green, WI

Good news on the home front today, as Flash has returned from the vet.  He's doing much better - had two teeth pulled, and is now home and resting comfortably.  Poor old guy.  Picking him up from the vet caused me to miss my basketball game, but considering we lost by *50* last time out, perhaps a week off might do some good.  Playing last week certainly didn't help!

Today's offering is the Fatty Boombalatty, an oddly named yet tasty beer from Furthermore.  Had this beer on draft at Paramour in Wayne, which is a pretty decent spot to unwind and enjoy a drink or two.  In the glass, this version on a Belgian white shows off a cloudy gold color, with a thin white head.  There's a faint citrus aroma, and you get flavors of bread, pepper, orange, and clove, with just a bit of bitterness.  In my notes, I added "thirst quenching" and "very drinkable."  Good to know as warmer weather continues to linger here in the suburbs, but keep in mind that Fatty carries a 7.2% ABV along for the ride.  Definitely check this one out.

Thing to Think About Today:
These days, it's near impossible to hear a popular song that doesn't have multiple stars adding a "guest" verse.  I guess the thought is the more name brand stars you can add on a song, the greater the chance someone will  buy it?  Personally, it doesn't make any sense to me, but I'm old school.  So old, I can remember when rap/rock collaborations were new and completely genre bending.  There have been some great ones along the way - Run-DMC + Aerosmith and R.E.M. + KRS-One, off the top of my head.

I'm not sure if this one is great, awful, somewhere in-between, or all of the above.  It's magical, that much I know.  Without further adieu, if we're thinking about a beer named after a fat joke, we're thinking about the Fat Boys + the Beach Boys!!!!  Perfect song with summer just around the corner....

RIP, Buff Love, aka "the Human Beatbox".  The good ones always leave us too soon.....

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