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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beer 112 Victory

Today we met friends for lunch at Victory Brewing Company.  I got a sampler:

Donnybrook Stout:  It was a deep, dark brown in my glass and had a tan head.  It drank with a smoky roasted flavor…lots of dryness and coffee flavor.

Mad KingWeiss:  Light and refreshing.  Lots of banana and clove.  It had a creaminess.  A classic weiss.

Eclat chocolate stout:  Eclat is a phenomenal chocolate shop based in nearby West Chester, Pennsylvania.  They have great chocolates and this partnership with Victory has produced a great chocolate stout.  It smells of cocoa and has a thick tan head.  Its flavor is sweet but slightly bitter chocolate.  Lots of malt and not a lot of hop bite.

Alla Spina:  Let’s start out by admitting that we brought home a growler of Alla Spina.  Per our waitress, it translated to “straight from the tap”.  It drank with a salt undertone -- similar to a BFM dueze.  Good hop and malt balance.

St. Boisterous:  a very round lager that wasn’t too malt-y and wasn’t too hoppy.  It poured a light straw color.

This is the Alla Spina. Delicious.  I forgot to take a pic of my sampler. Sorry.  Cheers.

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