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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biere de Mars Blackmon

Beer #102 Biere de Mars / Southampton Publick House, Southampton, New York

Cut out of work early to take Flash to the vet.  The old man has been battling what we suspected was an infected abscess tooth issue, and that seems to now be confirmed.  So, he's headed to the vet tomorrow to get a tooth pulled.  Poor guy is clearly in a lot of discomfort right now.  Definitely not feeling himself.

So, I'm now catching up on everything I missed today and enjoying a nice seasonal beer, the Biere de Mars from Southampton.  It poured a clear, pale amber in the glass, and gave off aromas of malt, bread, and apple.  When you drink this, you get flavors of bread, lemon, and honey with a persistent malt presence and some mild bitterness.

A Biere de Mars (beer for March) is a form of Biere de garde (beer for keeping).  Meaning, it's a farmhouse ale produced in a style originally created for farm workers in France.  If you really want to learn more, click here for some deeper detail on the topic.

The brewery at Southampton has been cranking out beers since 1996, but the property has been a restaurant since the 1800's, serving the likes of Babe Ruth and Gary Cooper.  Stop by if you're in town.

Thing to Think About Today:
If we're thinking about Biere de Mars, allow me to suggest we also think about Mars... Blackmon!  Yes, Spike Lee's alter-ego who appeared on the scene as Michael Jordan was moving from being a sensational basketball player to becoming (with Nike's help) one of the most recognizable - and marketable - figures in the world.  Quick spin through some of their more memorable commercials to get us all in the right Mars frame of mind.

I will pay a medium sized fortune for anyone who can get me a version of the 'MARS' belt buckle worn by Spike/Mars.  Help me people.  Do it.

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