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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pumped Up

Beer # 672 UFO Pumpkin / Harpoon Brewing Company, Boston, MA
Previously from this brewery: Leviathan, Cranberry Ale

Tailgate day.  Yay.

Recognizing fall with a pumpkin beer, the UFO Pumpkin from Harpoon.  Secret fact about me: I really don't enjoy many pumpkin beers.  I can drink a few at the start of fall, but they just don't speak to me.  By the time I get around to thinking a pumpkin beer might be delicious (looking at you, Thanksgiving), they're gone from the shelves.  And too many have what I consider to be pumpkin pie filling as their main flavor; somewhat artificial, and way too sweet.

This one pours a hazy light amber color with a lingering white head.  Aromas of pumpkin and nutmeg (shocking), and flavors of.... pumpkin and nutmeg (still shocking).  It's light and drinkable, and to their credit this beer has a authentic flavor instead of that over the top fake sweetness thing I abhor.  Top pumpkin beer ever?  Not sure, because I've sampled about 4% of the beers out there, but I'm guessing there are others that might be more my style.
UFO stands for "UnFiltered Object", and is part of their UFO series of beers.

Thing to Think About Today:
Yes, I've shared this song before.  But not the live version, with Ylvis backed up by The Roots!  Seriously, watch this.  Please.  Please?

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