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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Beer #670 Omission Lager / Widmer Brewing Company, Portland, Oregon
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Today flat out fucking sucked, and it continues to suck.  Pardon my language, of course.  I just can't seem to make things work today, and that gets me down.

A beer review just because I'm too stubborn to say fuck it and not write one:

Today's beer is Omission, from Widmer.  Why is this beer important?  It's one of the few gluten free beers on the market.  Very important for those who have gluten intolerance, which thankfully isn't me.  I'm just drinking this one because a few got left in our cooler after a recent tailgate.  This beer has a clear, bright gold color with a fluffy white head.  There are aromas of grain, and flavors of..... not much.  Maybe grass and lemon and grain if I think hard enough.  More important is what you don't taste, and that's gluten.  So, good if you have to drink it due to medical issues, but if gluten is your homeboy, please look elsewhere for your beer fix.
Looks pretty :)
Thing to Think About Today:
Something from the quiet mix as I attempt to get the blood pressure back in line and then wallow a bit. Citizen Cope and Sideways, which sounds better with a band behind him than solo, but I think he fired his band, because every Youtube video is just him solo.  Or some random emo kids playing this poorly in their room, but they sort of suck.  Sorry.  Like I said, I really did a poor job of making things work today.


  1. not to be super anal, but when selling this one i always try to point out that it is technically not gluten free. it uses barley- there's an enzyme added that removes the gluten from the beer. so it's 'de-glutenized'.

    minor point to most but some people with hyper-sensitivity or a real aversion to gluten care.

    they do make an ipa, which is a nice option for the hopheads who are avoiding gluten.