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Saturday, September 14, 2013

C'Mon Ride the Train

Day #644 Saison / Oersoep Brouwerij, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Previously from this brewery: n/a, this beer is the first out the limo!

Today is another football day, so that means you get a short review and I get to drink beer in a parking lot for nine hours.  We all win.

Glad this one is a short review, because I don't have many notes on it.  Why?  Because I drank a glass of this saison from Oersoep Brouwerj out of a plastic cup while riding the train from Menen back to Brussels after we dropped our bikes off at the end of the tour.  This beer is a dry saison, with some solid peppery spice.  I think it had a gold color, but seeing how it was in a plastic cup it's hard to say!  There are notes of grass and grain, and any beer tastes delicious when you're on a warm train.  Thanks to our tour guide Henk for bringing this one along and sharing!
Thanks, Henk!
This brewery name translates from Dutch to English as "Promordial Soup," which is a really unusual brewery name.

Thing to Think About Today:
Today is shaping up to be a gorgeous September day.  Nothing says gorgeous September day quite like Neil Diamond's September Morn does, right?  What, because of the title of this post you thought I was dropping C'mon Ride the Train by Quad City DJ's?  Not this early in the morning, I'm afraid.  So here we go!!!

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