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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 658: Wet Dog Cafe & Brewery

First Saturday in the past four weeks without a football game and how do I celebrate it? By sleeping past 10:00 a.m. because this is the first time in more than four weeks that I've been able to sleep past 7:00 a.m. And if you know me, you know that I am not a morning person. Suffice it to say, so far Saturday has been glorious.  Me and Mr. Blog Named Brew have some fun planned for this drinking some wine and listening to some music. The wine will be easy drinking and who knows about the music. All I know is that I'm with the one I love and the rest doesn't matter.

Now for the beer. It's the Raging Bitch imperial IPA from Wet Dog Cafe & Brewery (sorry, the website is down. No link for you!) in Astoria, Oregon.

It looked like iced tea in the glass with a thick bubbly tan head. It smelled of pine and grapefruit. The flavor is full of biscuits, citrus pith with undertones of caramel. It's somewhat dry and has lots of big, bold flavor. The one thing I didn't like is that it left a very bitter, almost medicinal flavor on my lips that lingered far longer than I wanted after finishing the beer.

Beer stats
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.2%
IBUs: 138
Rating: Good

Previously reviewed from Wet Dog
None! This is the first beer from Wet Dog Cafe & Brewery. From a little Internet sleuthing, it looks like a small cafe and brewery on the coast in Astoria. Unfortunately their website appears to be down so I can't give you much more information than that. And if you're wondering how I managed to get this beer all the way on the East Coast, the answer is beer mail. I highly recommend making some beer friends across the country and taking advantage of Priority Mail flat shipping rates. So thanks to my Portland friend Wolf, I get to experience a tasty imperial IPA.

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