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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oer the River and Through the Woods

Day #642 Oerbier / De Dolle Brouwers, Esen, Belgium
Previously from this brewery: Dulle Teve, Boskeun, Oerbier, Arabier, and more Arabier

One of my favorite brewery stops was De Dolle, which came at the end of what was one of my favorite days on the bike - we started in Brugges, rode to the coast to visit Oostende, then rode along their version of the boardwalk (tiles, not wood) for several glorious, sun drenched miles.  Nothing like riding with the North Sea as your side view!  Did have to pay attention, though, otherwise kids were going to get run over while I was staring off at the water.
I see you, North Sea.
Once we got to the brewery, we learned that Kris, the owner, wasn't really into socializing, but was however cool enough to let us wander around unsupervised.  Did I mention, De Dolle Brouwers means "the crazy brewers"?  Bad idea!
Free reign of the bottling line!
Let's talk about the beer here, as the beers were delicious.  It poured a dark ruby color with a very typical monstrous foamy head.  There's a wonderful, enjoyable tartness with flavors of green apple, bread, yeast, and some caramel malt sweetness.  There are locally grown hops from Poperinge in there, but you really don't notice them.  Oerbier was the first beer brewed by Kris at De Dolle, and is still fantastic 30+ years later. Just a sensational, world class beer, and perfect after a long, hot bike ride.
Wish I had that glass! Wait, I do :)
This is your incredibly odd fact for the day:  Motown star Marvin Gaye once decided he needed to drop out of society and get away from it all to put his life back together.  Where did he go?  The Belgian beach town of Oostende; home of my seaside bicycle ride.  True story.

Thing to Think About Today:
In the spirit of a crazy brewer and getting away from all the craziness in your life by going to Belgium, let's wrap up with some Marvin Gaye and Mercy, Mercy Me.  Good night, all....

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