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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 633: Fantome Printemps

Throughout the entire vacation in Belgium, Mr. Blog Named Brew was on the lookout for any offerings from Fantome. Fantome is a one-man operation in Soy, Belgium that specializes in saison style beers. Much to our surprise, it is easier to get Fantome beer in the States than it is in Belgium. Go figure! 

So mere days after arriving home this summer, I hit up Teresa's Next Door (an excellent Belgian beer bar in Wayne, Pennsylvania) and bought up one of each of whatever Fantome bottles they had in stock. 
This was the first bottle I broke into--Fantome Printemps saison. It's a Belgian ale brewed with spices and from what I could gather the recipe changes with the seasons each year. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't discern what year I had. 

It poured a hazy, medium golden color with a sticky white head. It smells spicy...lots of black pepper. The flavor is smoky and kind of bacony. Sadly this beer doesn't do it for me. As it warmed up the smokiness turned into more of a wood ash flavor and really overpowered any nuanced saison flavors. 

Beer stats
Style: Saison
ABV: 8% 
IBUs: Unknown
Rating: Average

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