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Friday, September 13, 2013

She Mad

Day #643 Dulle Teve / De Dolle Brouwers, Esen, Belgium
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It's Friday, which means I'm not working and am enjoying a day off getting ready for football. Except.... I am working, even though it's my day off.  Hey, gotta pay the rent.

While I wait for someone to call, let's get into another De Dolle offering, this time a draft pour of Dulle Teve, which translates to "Mad Bitch" in English.  Maybe the best named beer ever, in my book. This tripel shows off a hazy gold color and (no surprise here) a huge fluffy white head. There's a welcoming aroma of fruit and malt sweetness, and the taste is slightly sweet with plenty of apple, honey, bread, and just a few random hints of spice. I fell in love with this beer from the first sip, although you should be careful - at 10% ABV this beer means business.  Last line on my notes for this beer? "Delicious." That about sums it up!
Just beautiful....
Few more quick snaps from the visit, including their super duper awesome koelschip, which is used for cooling the wort in the open air. I think they're awesome and a throw back to an older way of making beer, as very few breweries still use them - and yet I saw many of them in Belgium, because Belgian beer is an old school thing.
That's soon-to-be beer cooling in there!
And lastly, the phrase "Nat en Straf" means "Wet and Strong" in English. Two very, very accurate adjectives for their beers!
Cheers, De Dolle!
Thing to Think About Today:
What else can we use here but the Rolling Stones and Bitch?  Nothing that is anywhere near as appropriate as Mick, Keith, and the boys.  Have a good Friday, friends.  I miss you.

"Yeah when you lay me out / my heart starts beating like a big bass drum, alright!"

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